Monday, July 27, 2009

"easy tip it?"

Well we were at the Weim. Trial weekend before last, and While I only got 1 QQ for three days, I was very pleased with a possible discovery towards the fixing of Cheetah's teeter thing! On Fri, we had Jumpers first, which was fine, she loves jumpers. Next was FAST, so I laid out my plan and she didn't get credit for her a-frame (even though it really looks like she got it, but that's a different story) So send her back over the aframe on this loop I was taking, then off to do the send ( which she loves ...its weaves - jump, wrap back to the weaves!) then we do the teeter. She comes off the side, no points called, I send her back around to do it again, she does it good, but no points called again ( oh yeah, I forgot to put a jump in between) then I leave. Well I thought that I had a lot of time to doddle around and I did, because they never set the buzzer to go off. So they let me re-run it. Which was great practice, but I didn't get enough points in the first one do Q anyway, so it didn't really matter. This time, she gets her a-frame and came closer on the teeter, but the buzzer went off, so I don't know if she would have gotten credit or not, but at least we had lots of practice.

Std is next, and it is jump, jump, turn, teeter. So I do a LOP, and she does a great teeter. We Q, got 1st, QQ #11 for MACH 2, everything is great.

Sat - Fast is first again, and she doesn't get the chance to do the teeter, but got the send and Q'd. Then in std, she comes off the side again. People asked if I was putting pressure on her and crowding her, but she came off into me.

Jumpers was good!

Sunday, I got to thinking, that the reason she got the teeter on Fri, was because she was not going as fast yet. ( it was obstacle 3, remember) SO, I got to thinking for some reason about when she was in open and couldn't get fast weave entries so save her soul, so I said "easy weave" for probably a few months, and she would add a stride and collect enough for her entry. So I thought, why not try that on the teeter? So I made a FAST plan that was all about the teeter, and if we happened to get the send, so be it. I planned to say "easy tip it" and then make a little loop and come back by the teeter and do it again. Yes, I will get whistled off and not allowed to do any other obstacles, but it would be my last one anyway, so perfect. I did my plan (she had TOO MUCH send on the send, oh well.) but got 2 perfect "easy tip its" and I was happy.

Std - the teeter was after a long line of jumps and coming out of a tunnel with a FC in just before, I said "easy tip it" and it was perfect! ( we NQ'd on the aframe contact, but I can accept THAT better than the teeter problem.)

I don't know that it will always work, and I am still trying to do some things to help her get her teeter mojo back, but if I have do say "easy tip-it" for the rest of her career, so be it. I will be posting a teeter montage soon.

See Ya!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Teeter Training!

I have been going around the last couple of weeks, trying to get Cheetah on some different Teeters. A Lynchburg at the end of June we were warned by the judge that we needed to watch that teeter. ( Like I didn't know it was close, but I'm glad she was nice enough not to call it.) Then at Blue Ridge we missed 3 QQ's by the teeter. @%$)@#$#)%!! So I go to two different peoples houses, sign up for a different set of classes just to get her on different teeters. How do you think they were....they are all perfectly fine! I am ordering a comp teeter for my house, just so I can have another different teeter, but it is beyond me what her deal acutally is. I will upload those two trials ASAP.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I finally uploaded Nationals...

I finally got around to uploading my runs from nationals this year in Concord, NC. I must say I was not very motivated to do this because we only had one clean run and we had a quickly unraveling teeter issue, that I am not at all sure what the problem is. I am actually in the process now of making a teeter montage so I can see if there are any patterns that emerge from that. I will be posting more about that as it progresses.

I am also going to be uploading the runs of my friends GSD, Deva from nationals. She was ranked 20th in the 24" class. Woohoo!