Monday, August 1, 2011

New Sponsorship....sort of

I have been wanting a sponsor for Cheetah for a while, and I think I finally found a good solution. I have been looking into a Premium Pet food Company called: Life's Abundance.

I am really impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the people that I have spoken to in the company. So I have become a independent field rep for them. I figured, all of the years I fed Canidae, told people about it, tried to get sponsorship from them, and they gave me nothing in return. I am now feeding Life's Abundance, can tell people about it, and when they order products from me, I then get some money to put back into Team Cheetah! So it's sorta like having a sponsor - right?

If you would like to check out the products for yourself - please click here and you can order directly from my website and get it shipped straight to you. You can even get it on Auto delivery!


Cheetah got her long awaited MACH 2!!!!! She got it on 7-22-11, in Westminster, MD. The funny thing is that she was having trouble getting that last QQ b/c of standard then we got a QQ the next day too. I have a new montra - "run the damn dog". I spent entirely too much time handling her contacts, and it doesn't do any good. I found that she is just as more likely to get her contacts if I just run her AS IF she would get them no matter what. Hmmmm....what a concept. The proof of this was when on Sunday, she took the wrong end of the tunnel off of the dw ( a contact she got btw) and then I decided "I would work her a-frame" since the little brat had already NQ'd. Well, THAT worked.....NOT! she came off high and to the wrong side as if to say -"why are you all up in my business - see ya!" But I can't really complain, our weekend was great. She was 7 for 9 and all Blue!! And lets not forget, she is now a MACH 2!