Sunday, February 22, 2009

tonight's contact training

I left the height of the a-frame at 4'11" for one more session. My eye was off a bit, and she was moving strangely?? I kept thinking that she was taking extra strides, and she did severak times, but I kept seeing it even when she was doing it right.

I was on the off side
I was throwing her bait bag and not her chuck-it ball. I believe this was the biggest contributor to the issue. I need to switch up WHAT I throw for her more. I will put this on the grid tommorrow and see what I get.

11 reps:

1. sit - she skitters in to position
2. tunnel - she barely touches the box - but I thought it looked off?
3. tunnel - 3 feet in. one front foot is above the box and the others end up in.
4. tunnel & I switch to the heel side (hoping to get her to do it right) - she has a clean hit - but there is a small half stride extra
5. tunnel - off side again - good striding this time!(PERFECT)
6. sit - off side - PERFECT
7. sit - heel side - 3 in (her right "lead leg" does not go into the box on the second hit - this causes me to bring the box back up ( it was in position - from last session)
8. sit - off side - she still only puts 3 feet in.
9. tunnel -heel side - good !
10. tunnel - off side - I think all four feet were in, the lead leg was high. Whenever she separates her front feet it is not as good.
11. sit - off side - was really quiet. took three strides but ended up with all four feet in the box.

running a-frame 2-21-09

The a-frame is still at 4'11" ( day 2)
She is running on heel side
box is up a bit to start..then I move it down
9 reps
throwing the chuck -it ball

Most of these are actually starting at a sit infront of the the tunnel. If she is taking the tunnel, then I have the send to the tunnel in it.

1. good job - touches the yellow a little high but within the box!
2. good job!
3. good job! (moving the box down)
4. misses the box - no reward
5. send to the tunnel - PERFECT!!!!!
6. great job!
7. send to the tunnel - PERFECT!!!
8. Send to the tunnel - PERFECT!!! moved down into position

I was very happy with this session!

Cheetah's A-frame Training 2/17 /2009

Tues - I put the a-frame up to 4'11" and I also put the box up on the a-frame a bit. In this session, she did 10 reps on the off side.
Throwing her chuck-it ball

1. good job - was high in the yellow but well within the box (sit in front of the tunnel)
2. better - was deeper in the yellow ( sit infront of the tunnel)
3. send to the tunnel - good job!
4. sit in front of the tunnel - great job!
5. send to the tunnel - hit the top of the box
6. sit - great -nice and deep
7. send to the tunnel - high hit the box
8. send to the tunnel - PERFECT!
9. Perfect ( moved the box down)
10. using decelleration - good job!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cheetah's A-frame Training 2/16 /2009

I just posted Cheetah's video from the two trainning sessions we had this week. On Monday, I had the a-frame at 4'9" ( this was the second day of that height)

She did reps: ( all in Heel side) - all me throwing the chuck-it ball

1. hit the top of the box ( no reward)
2. good - all four in the box - threw ball
3. perfect - all four in the box even deeper she hit the sweet spot - threw ball
4. perfect - sweet spot - threw ball
5. bad - her feet separated and she hit the top of the box with her front paw and came off
6.perfect !
7. not good - separated her feet and hit one foot in the yellow but left after that - no reward
8. Good girl - she fixed her self!
9. Not good - she hit too high barely got in the box ( only three got in - she floated one front leg)
10.only three in the box

I will post Tuesday's session information later!

Salem Agility Trial 2-14 & 15, 2009

Last weekend, Cheetah and I went to the Salem Agility Trial. It was at a new facility for us, and I wasn't sure how she would handle the matting. Overall, I thought she did good on it. Her ground speed is never as good on matting, but she didn't seem to slide as much as I was afraid of. She had some nice runs, and ended up with a 2nd place in Sundays jumpers. I am blaming her breeder for causing the other NQ's for the weekend. Ya see, whenever either of the Shelmidines are around an agility trial that Cheetah is at, she does weird things she doesn't normally do. She dropped the panel this weekend, and she hardly ever drops a bar. I later went to harass Pat about this ( he was judging obedience in the other part of the building. ) He said - oh ya, I saw her drop that bar! Not only was he in the building but he was WATCHING! Now if that isn't proof of "breeders curse" I don't know what is! I figured he must have left early on Sunday or went out to lunch - because we Q'd on Sundays jumpers.

Her A-frame is not were I want it yet, but I think we are making some progress at home. I will post about that soon!