Sunday, July 27, 2008

Westminster round 1 (weimaraner club)

I forgot to post about the trail last weekend. All and all it was pretty good. Cheetah was 4 for 6 and got our 4 QQ for MACH II. We had 2 3rds a second and a 5th place.

The carpeting at this venue is not the best for Cheetah's grip - she doesn't get as near as good yps here as she does on field turf, dirt or outside.

Friday- July 18, 2008

Jumpers - 147 yards SCT - 39 sec. Her time 28.06 yps 5.23
she really slipped on this course, since it was the first one of the weekend, I guess she needed to get used to the footing. She mangaged to get 3rd, out of 8 q's with 15 dogs.

Std - 168 yards SCT -60 sec. Her time 39.22 4.28 yps *
This was an interesting course by Blair Kelly ( aren't they all) When I saw his name on the confirmation letter, I thought - I wonder what he'll do to us this time! Well he had 10 weavepoles and a broad jump in excellent. That's Blair for ya! I learned something interesting, Cheetah didn't clear the tire very well and it was the first obstabcle. The second one was the A-frame. I think she was so focused on the A-frame, that she forgot to handle the tire correctly. It only bugged her a little bit, then by #4 we were back on track. I actually did a rear on this course - go me! I don't know whether she noticed that she got ripped off out of 2 poles or not. She got 2nd place out of 8 q's and 15 dogs.

QQ # 4 toward MACH II

Sat - July 19, 2 008

I pulled her in off of the last jump of a pinwheel because I executed my FC too soon/didn't support the jump enough. If I had been trying to miss that jump I would have worked so much harder for it:) But she did stick her contact, I actually got to say yes! she went wide on the next turn and we bobbled later because I was going to get a FC in on the teeter - nope! but she didn't take the off course weaves that were calling to her and she came and took the jump first like a good girl. She handled the lateral distance to the DW well and knew we were going to turn and not go over the dummy jump ahead.

Jumpers - 148 yards SCT - 40 sec her time 25.48 5.8 yps* 3rd out of 8 Q's/21 dogs
Blair, Blair, Blair - you are truly cutting edge! a broad jump in Jumpers to the triple no less!
The opening was nice and flowing until you go to the transition from 11-12 and the back side of the broad jump was way in the path of the 24" dogs. I knew it would be hard when I thought it looked close for the 12" border terrier that I was running. But she was a good girl and followed my rotation and not the jump in her face! Good Girl!

Sunday July 20, 2008

Std - 164 yards/SCT 58 sec. Her time was 38.94 (it's faster to fly of the A-frame) :(
It was a nice course and she did great, except for the dock diving impression she did off of the A-frame! The saddest part is, I didn't even mark it - did I say anything at all NO, NADA, ZIP! I just ran on like nothing happened! How am I supposed to teach her that it is not exceptable, if I can't even stop myself. I am making a promise to myself - if she leaps off of the a-frame - STOP, PAUSE DO SOMETHING!! DO NOT PASS GO until you have MARKED IT!

Jumpers - 140 yards/ SCT 37 Her time 26.11 5.36yps :( 5th place.
She was a good girl, I layered a jump at the end that I debated about and found myself on it. I moved out of the way a bit, held my signal, she started to pull off, saw my signal and went back on the line and took the jump. Good Good Girlie!

Next weekend I will be back at Westminster for the Elkhound Club - see ya!

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