Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Cheetah's dancing debut

Cheetah and I danced on Sat. night for an SPCA fundraiser. It was called Valley's Pet Idol and was complete with the three judges. We were told that we would have a 35 x 25 stage, as you can see, we didn't. It was a little crowded up there. Some one with a little terrier mix had went by earlier in the week and said - you'll have plenty of room!

Cheetah did pretty well considering the following:

1. I had only agreed to do this 2 weeks ago. ( I did not have a routine - I did have 1 move and the song.)
2. It was about 1/2 of the size I thought it would be (and I was wishing that the larger size was larger)
3. the stage was hardwood and even though we put down rugs, she still slipped.
4. there were about 50 kids under 10. ( and she loves kids because they give up cookies easily!)
5. There were hot dogs in the audience
6. There was popcorn in the audience
7. Did I mention that there was hot dog AND popcorn AND kids in the audience!!

Check it out!