Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, between our performances at Nationals and WT Tryouts it became pretty obvious that we need to reboot her contacts! I was talking to Webb at tryouts about her teeter refusal issue and he asked if I had changed her criteria! Well of course...going from a 2o/2o to a running on the a-frame was bleeding into her DW and Teeter performances...DUH!! I could have maaayybee gotten her to stop on the teeter w/o the other two, but she used to stop on all, and now was trying to run on all! I think it was scaring her sometimes, but she just couldn't bear to do it any slower.

So after returning home from tryouts, I gave her her hop-up command...she did it like a charm. I repeated 3x. C/T each rep, then I put her on the whole thing. She stopped like she'd been doing it all along. ( whew) I trained it that week, using mostly hop-ups not too many full frames. I went to class, she stopped. I went to the trial this weekend, and while she didn't stop, she got her contacts and was much better on her DW and teeter. We were 4/4 and she got 2 blues and a 2nd and a 3rd.

I have a new plan to rework my old plan! ( I am all about recycling!) I will have to proof her some more and try to get her all amped up like at trails. I will miss the dream of having a running contact with her, but her 2o/2o is fast and I really think that this is what she needs for her teeter performance to improve.

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