Monday, March 29, 2010

Back From AKC Agility Nationals!

Cheetah and I are finally back from Nationals today. I traveled with two other people and we drove straight through. We left after the final round and got back at about 4 this afternoon. This was after severa potty breaks and food breaks and gas breaks..etc.

Cheetah did really well except for her contacts (GRRR) She handled like a dream and did every thing I asked of her (except touch yellow) She ended up 39th out of about 83 but time wise there were only 3 24" inch dogs with faster cumulitve times going into the finals. If we had just gone clean in standard and hybrid. She had a beautiful teeter in the hybrid round, both fridays and saturdays were called as flyoffs.

I will get video up soon, too tired tonight!

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