Monday, March 19, 2012

Sorry I've been so non bloggy!!

Cheetah and I have been much more consistent since her MACH 2...go figure! We are qualified for WT tryouts, and 1 QQ from being Qualified for Tulsa. I am still playing with the run vs. touch with the dogwalk, but mostly trying to perfect the touch which is a sortof moving contact. It seems in my area right now, real runn contacts that are not completely perfect are doomed to be tested every I admit I caved a bit. I still do them in practice from time to time, and want to increase the consistency of them, but I hated not getting so many QQ's because of them. I WILL train my next agility dog with running, because I love them, but I thing that at 8.5, we are not as likely to get reliable ones as I want. :(

I am trying to get some extra money together to actually go to tryouts one last time, while she is still doing so well and jumping 26. I will put her back down to 24" in AKC from here on out. So if anyone wants to help me get to tryouts ...go to my new website that links to my business site. Its simple, buy some cool products that you like and the profits from it will go into my Tryout fund. Its a win win for get amazingly great, healthy treats, supplements or food, and I get some extra money to buy our tickets to MN!

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