Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Picture of the Girls Christmas 08

I was just getting ready to mail out Christmas cards when I realized that I didn't have a picture to put in of the Girls. Cheetah is 5 and Tegan is 13 ( she'll be 14 at the end of March) I decided that a picture on the big rock in front of the house would be a good spot. Getting Tegan up was easy. Getting her to cooperate was quite another. I think she thinks that she is retired and she doesn't have to listen to anything. Everytime I got ready to take the picture, she would get up or look away. Cheetah was actually the good one if you can believe that! I finally got it - and they were very happy to get to run around and stop behaving! Merry Christmas!!!

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The Boys Mommy said...

kids are the same way...hope you all had a wonderful Christmas:)