Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wild, Witchy & Fast Strikes Again!

Cheetah and her friends Deva and Zippity were at a DAM Team ( Dog Agility Master) team tournament last weekend. Out of 37 teams, we ended up in 11th and made the qualifying cut score.

Watch the videos for the play by play. We won the 3 dog relay, and I had to hold on for dear life when Deva ran. Normally she is so civilized when other dogs are around but Deva is he BFF and she knows that when multiple dogs are out on the course at once, it means that she is going to go really soon!

Note that Cheetah is cocked and ready to go when Zippity came over the a-frame. I couldn't move to help Alyssa give me the baton, or Cheetah would have left with out me.


Anonymous said...

All 3 looked awesome in relay, can't wait to team up again!

The Boys Mommy said...

didn't even know they had relays...I think there should be doggie olympics!