Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall update - sorry so long!

I am sorry it has been such a long time since I have updated the blog. We have gone to several trials and I will quickly give you the highlights.

TAG - We got the last GP leg we needed for Nationals. We also got another Steeplechase Q and also qualified in the second round. I think we won 17 bucks.

NE Regionals - We didn't get the DAM team Q we needed by 1.23 points (AAARRGGHH!!!) But I did get byes into the semifinals for both Grand Prix and Steeplechase at Nationals!! Woohoo! No money this time:(

Teamworks - Well we did manage to get the DAM team Q we needed. "Need that Q" got 1st place, but it was inspite of Cheetah's relay run. She E'd, we ran back to give the baton to Leigh and when she took off with Rapture, Cheetah decided SHE wasn't done yet - and decided to join them. (I'll get the video of that up soon!)

Rectortown - We had great contacts ( yeah!!) and got our 39th QQ. Hoping to get #40 at our trial (Weyers Cave)!

I will try to keep you posted more frequently in the future...no promises though!

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