Monday, August 2, 2010

I got the crud!

Well I spent the weekend mostly in bed with the exception of of 2 private lessons on Sunday morning. I officially got the South African little kid crud! YUCK!!!!!

Cheetah, on the other hand, never missed a beat. I had a morning class to teach Wednesday after returning ( yes - I am crazy) I was going to let her sleep in...but as soon as I grabbed my training bag, she jumped up and was ready to go. She got to swim afterwards and even got a very personal encounter with a Great Blue Heron. I wish I had a camera for that one. It was hanging around the edge of the pond and then decided to fly over her head ( I thought she was going to get hit with those long legs as she swam back to shore!) Then it flew back on the shore about 10 min later and she stood there dumbfounded with the ball in her mouth, like - am I supposed to retrieve THAT? Then she pounced at it a couple of times ( literally, it was 20 feet from her) then it reluctantly flew away. It circled over head a few times, wishing we would go away no doubt!

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