Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cold weather Training!

Today I braved the cold enough to raise Cheetah's Aframe to 37". I moved the box about 6" farther up the a-frame too, so that Cheetah would be encouraged to make 3 solid strides rather than the 3 skidery ones that she tends to do in practice.

My plan at this point is to do this for a few days, then I have to decide whether I should move the box down first or raise the a-frame again first? I will also try to tape her tomorrow, because it was only mid 30's today and I usually have my mom run the camera for me, so I thought that since tomorrow is going to be about 50, it would be the better day to tape.

She did:

6 reps
She hit the box once with back of her foot.
I moved the box up higher, and that helped.
I practiced off of both sides and threw a tug toy at the end.

I would like to have her at about 4 feet by the trial in two weeks. That seems reasonable?!!?

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