Saturday, February 21, 2009

Salem Agility Trial 2-14 & 15, 2009

Last weekend, Cheetah and I went to the Salem Agility Trial. It was at a new facility for us, and I wasn't sure how she would handle the matting. Overall, I thought she did good on it. Her ground speed is never as good on matting, but she didn't seem to slide as much as I was afraid of. She had some nice runs, and ended up with a 2nd place in Sundays jumpers. I am blaming her breeder for causing the other NQ's for the weekend. Ya see, whenever either of the Shelmidines are around an agility trial that Cheetah is at, she does weird things she doesn't normally do. She dropped the panel this weekend, and she hardly ever drops a bar. I later went to harass Pat about this ( he was judging obedience in the other part of the building. ) He said - oh ya, I saw her drop that bar! Not only was he in the building but he was WATCHING! Now if that isn't proof of "breeders curse" I don't know what is! I figured he must have left early on Sunday or went out to lunch - because we Q'd on Sundays jumpers.

Her A-frame is not were I want it yet, but I think we are making some progress at home. I will post about that soon!

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