Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cheetah's A-frame Training 2/16 /2009

I just posted Cheetah's video from the two trainning sessions we had this week. On Monday, I had the a-frame at 4'9" ( this was the second day of that height)

She did reps: ( all in Heel side) - all me throwing the chuck-it ball

1. hit the top of the box ( no reward)
2. good - all four in the box - threw ball
3. perfect - all four in the box even deeper she hit the sweet spot - threw ball
4. perfect - sweet spot - threw ball
5. bad - her feet separated and she hit the top of the box with her front paw and came off
6.perfect !
7. not good - separated her feet and hit one foot in the yellow but left after that - no reward
8. Good girl - she fixed her self!
9. Not good - she hit too high barely got in the box ( only three got in - she floated one front leg)
10.only three in the box

I will post Tuesday's session information later!

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