Sunday, February 22, 2009

tonight's contact training

I left the height of the a-frame at 4'11" for one more session. My eye was off a bit, and she was moving strangely?? I kept thinking that she was taking extra strides, and she did severak times, but I kept seeing it even when she was doing it right.

I was on the off side
I was throwing her bait bag and not her chuck-it ball. I believe this was the biggest contributor to the issue. I need to switch up WHAT I throw for her more. I will put this on the grid tommorrow and see what I get.

11 reps:

1. sit - she skitters in to position
2. tunnel - she barely touches the box - but I thought it looked off?
3. tunnel - 3 feet in. one front foot is above the box and the others end up in.
4. tunnel & I switch to the heel side (hoping to get her to do it right) - she has a clean hit - but there is a small half stride extra
5. tunnel - off side again - good striding this time!(PERFECT)
6. sit - off side - PERFECT
7. sit - heel side - 3 in (her right "lead leg" does not go into the box on the second hit - this causes me to bring the box back up ( it was in position - from last session)
8. sit - off side - she still only puts 3 feet in.
9. tunnel -heel side - good !
10. tunnel - off side - I think all four feet were in, the lead leg was high. Whenever she separates her front feet it is not as good.
11. sit - off side - was really quiet. took three strides but ended up with all four feet in the box.

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