Sunday, February 22, 2009

running a-frame 2-21-09

The a-frame is still at 4'11" ( day 2)
She is running on heel side
box is up a bit to start..then I move it down
9 reps
throwing the chuck -it ball

Most of these are actually starting at a sit infront of the the tunnel. If she is taking the tunnel, then I have the send to the tunnel in it.

1. good job - touches the yellow a little high but within the box!
2. good job!
3. good job! (moving the box down)
4. misses the box - no reward
5. send to the tunnel - PERFECT!!!!!
6. great job!
7. send to the tunnel - PERFECT!!!
8. Send to the tunnel - PERFECT!!! moved down into position

I was very happy with this session!

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