Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally found Wi Fi!!!

We are finally at a site were we have wi-fi access! So I can now give you the nitty gritty on our travels to this point!!!

Monday/Tuesday -
We had a fairly uneventful flight with the exception of a little bit of turbulence as we traveled up the east coast on our way towards Amsterdam. Once we landed in Amsterdam we had do find Cheetah a place to potty and because of that we had to go back through security afterwards. We also noticed some really cool airplane logos over here much prettier than what we usually see in the states.

Afterwards, we tried to take a nap in these really cool chase lounge chairs, but Toni is not a very good napper!

Once we got to Prague, we tried to find the rental car place, and we went through customs, but Toni said that it was too easy, so we were probably going to get a complete orifice check when we tried to return.

I also got my first patdown...I feel like a real traveler now! We finally located the building that the rental cars were in and tried using my debit card to the account that I had saved up money for this trip in. Luckily, I also brought a credit card becuase even though I told them that I would be out of the country, they didn't seem tell the rest of the bank about it. The lady was not impressed with our questions and my wanting to know how to get to to Prague and if our car was going to really be big enough. She looked like "I will break you" from a Rocky movie. We then tried to follow her directions and we go the hotel. WE GOT SO LOST! I don't know how we ever found the hotel, but luckily I had google mapped it and looked at some of the pictures of the intersections and then I recognized this triangle and knew exactly were we were. Finding out where we could park was an adventure in itself. We had to take a shower to turn back into humans again then we had a really nice dinner and went to bed - without A/C!!!

here is a picture we had someone take of us at dinner - I think he had been drinking a little too much ????

Here is a picture of me going to dinner - the arrow is pointing to our hotel - that little tiny ally way is where we were supposed to park. I ended up parking on the street around the corner b/c I couldn't get in a spot there!

I forgot about after dinner... We picked up Cheetah from the room and got on the metro ( which was free by the time we got there) to go down to the Charles Bridge. Cheetah didn't really mind the metro tram so much but the stop we got out on only had an escalator - and she did NOT want any part of that, so I had to hold her up the escalator. One of them was a really long set and I am glad that she is only 45 pounds!

Then we walked to the bridge. Here are some pictures of that at night. At one point we looked over the edge and saw some seagulls. I made the mistake of looking interested in it and I thought Cheetah was going to jump off of the bridge and into the water - it is a long way down.

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