Friday, July 30, 2010

Sun - Feeling better now

Feeling much better now – it is amazing the difference a day makes. The sun is even coming out. But now it is like 20 degrees cooler than when we got here. I had on 4 layers on top most of the day.

The first run was at 7:45 – why couldn’t we have had a later start?? Some people didn’t need to walk their first course until 11:30. Pre coffee, I managed to remember the course and we had a great run – except for the DW contact ( but we still got a score) She wanted to go to the tunnel ahead ( I know what we will be working!!) I had planned a couple of fronts after the teeter, but I was afraid to get to far ahead, so I didn’t and had to handle from the rear with directionals. Luckily it worked really nicely.

Nice jumpers round until the push… if I could have gotten 1 more stride ahead then I could have changed her mind about it being the front of the jump – silly girl, we are in Europe – it’s the backside of the jump. Then we got a little out of sink and she took the far end of the tunnel – that was weird, but I think it was because I rushed the rear cross that I should have gotten a front in for.
The final round for large dogs was the hardest course I think I’d ever seen – It had some of the weirdest combinations of obstacles – you will just have to look at the course map. Very few people got around it clean. I can’t wait to set it up and try it out for myself.

We then ran around and tried to trade our shirts, jackets with other countries. I ended up with a Great Britain shirt, a Swiss shirt and a Italian Jacket. We had a closing ceremony similar to the opening, were we finished our shirt trading and attempted to listen to the announcements of the winners.

Channon Fosty and Icon got a 1st in jumpers
I know that our 4 large dog teams were 14th, 15th ,42nd and 67th out of 86 teams.
Our small/med teams were 53rd, 59th 69th and 79th out of 88 teams
USA had 7 dogs in the finals
4 large and 1 small & 2medium
Wings -17th out of 74
Icon- 25th out of 74
Blink , Skylar, Miley, Jimmy Dean, Reebok were also made it to the finals, but NQ’d.

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