Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prague or BUST!

I am trying to get all of my stuff together for the final stages of the LONG awaited European Open!! I am trying to pack - Now if you know me, you know how hard it will be for me to have 8 days worth of clothes and shoes into basically a bag for Cheetah and a bag for me. I fill my bag when I go on a 3 day trip. HOW IN THE WORLD am I going to pack for 8 days!!!

Toni is going with me as my "Cultural Liaison" and "Logistics Coordinator"

We leave Monday evening 6:30pm and get to Amsterdam in the morning 8:15 ( we are 6 hours behind them). We have a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. This will give me enough time to find grass for Cheetah and get back to the gate. ( I hope there will be grass for Cheetah...) We then take a 1.5 hour flight to Prague. We land at about 2:45 in the afternoon. I have rented a car ( a stick - the automatic was like $200 more) I drove a stick about 17yrs ago for 2 years, so I am hoping it will come back to me. I figure if I can get out of the airport, I am probably good to go. ( At least they drive on the right side of the road.

We will stay over night in Prague at the Hotel Denisa. Wednesday we can site see in Prague and then make our way to Liberec, which is 1.5 hours away. Thursday, we can site see in Liberec until the team dinner. Friday we have practice, then Sat and Sunday is the competition. I know that the Finals will be streamed, but I don't think the others will. Toni will be taping my runs, so I will get those up as soon as I can, but probably not till I get back.

We will stay overnight in Liberec, and go back to Prague on Monday - stay overnight in Prague and get a ...( I don't even want to say it)...a 7:00 am flight out of Prague, back to Amsterdam, then arrive at Dulles at 4:40 pm. Lets do the math on that, a 7:00 am flight means that I will need to drop the rental car off at 5:00 am. Who is up at that hour - much less ready to board a plane. I am going to try not to think about it any more.

We will take lots of pictures and I will try to be a good blogger!

I have the health certificates, passport and Czech money. I have the hotels, cars and plane reservations. I have my uniforms all ready, including shoes ( that match of course!!!) I have to finish calling the credit card companies telling them that I will be in another country and that it is OK for me to spend money there. I need to activate my global phone code and finish seeing how much I can stuff into my suitcase.

I guess I will have to get real creative. I will keep you all posted on how this goes. Wish me luck!

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