Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday -meeting the team and the Team dinner

Each morning we got a ticket to go down to the little restaurant across the street to have breakfast. They had really strong coffee and an odd assortment of food items.
• Tomatoes
• Rolls/baguettes
• Ham slices
• Pepperoni
• Fruit
• Sliced cheese

The waitresses didn’t speak a lot of English, but enough to get by. The same crew was there for breakfast and dinner. This morning was really nice, so we sat outside with the dogs, but later when it was rainy, we were allowed to bring them inside…pretty cool!

After breakfast, we went out to the mall to get a fan. The mall WAS air-conditioned BTW! Toni and I thought we might just move into the furniture store for the rest of the week. We found a fan and then went grocery shopping. You have to pay to get a shopping cart. We got some flavored carbonated waters (This country is obsessed with bubbles!! )

We drove around a little bit looking at some of the countryside, albeit not entirely by choice. They are also obsessed with round-a-bouts and it is easy to get off on the wrong part. After we got back and assembled the fan, it was time to get ready for the team dinner.

here is the buffet

Me waiting to the chance to go to the buffet

It was at another restaurant at another nearby hotel that was doing its best to be Las Vegas. We got a ride over with Lisa Bowers and her husband David, whom I had met at breakfast that morning. It was nice to see everyone on the team, some I knew, and others I didn’t. Unfortunately, Janneke and Elicia were still trying to find their way out of Prague and did not get to the dinner. We got some instructions about when the practice was on Friday and what to be ready for.

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