Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Day in Prague

The next morning we checked out of the hotel, and headed off to do some looking around Prague. Since we had to bring Cheetah with us – it made for an interesting day. Many places in Prague allow dogs to go in to them, and around the streets most of the dogs were loose – just following along with there owners and intact. I have never seen so many pairs of testicles in all of my life!

breakfast outside our hotel

Here is the metro in Prague

In order to go into Prague, we had to get on the metro again, and we had to buy a ticket for Cheetah to ride. The biggest problem was that in several of the stops, the only way to get from one level to the other was to go via escalator, so I had to carry her up and down them. She didn’t really like that too much, but she was a trooper and tolerated the process.

Here is a view of the escalator that we took later to show you the steepness of them. Imagine I have Cheetah in my arms.

Once we got to the stop we wanted, we started looking in the little shops and things and found some cute jackets with PRAHAH and CZECH written on them. He sales guy was so nice and completely fascinated with Cheetah. I don’t know why, because there were tons of dogs in Prague. He gave us a discount on our shirts and told us how to say thank you in Czech. I am not sure how you spell it but it sounds a lot like “dickweed!” Well, that’s one way to remember it!

view along the streets of Prague

Cheetah and I on the front steps of the museum

A view of the city from the museum

Here are signs from McDonalds and KFC - Except their menus are a little different!

We tried to go into this museum, but no dogs were allowed, so we went to go find a place to buy a Gelato instead. I got a berry one and it was really good. We apparently arrived during some kind of rare heat wave, because while we were in the square a water truck came around and sprayed anyone who wanted to get wet. Cheetah and I took advantage of it and the kids chased after it.

Here we are in the Square

After we cooled off we walked around and made our way into this cathedral, but nothing was allowed in it. No dogs, No touching, No pictures – we took a picture of the sign to prove just how crazy the sign was! The pigeons were everywhere and were driving Cheetah crazy because they would not fly away until the last minute.

This is the astronomical clock in the square

We headed back to the hotel to pick up our car and then go find this park that I had seen online that was supposed to be close by. Of course we had to take the metro back, so that meant more escalators and an elevator. Cheetah doesn’t really like elevators or should I say “lifts” anyway, but the ones in CZ are REALLY- REALLY small, so by this time Cheetah is thoroughly and completely over it. She through a doggie tantrum (meaning that she just sprawled out on the floor and became a mule). I had to push her into the last elevator, but I think for the long day she had of sightseeing and weird happenings, she did really well to just fight it the one time (I can’t imagine if she were a kid).

Off to go find the park we go - maybe??? Asking for directions in this town is very tricky. Some people know some English and others don’t. Czech is a very difficult language to understand. Some other languages you can at least guess what the words might mean in English….but not Czech! So I was really happy when we found someone that could understand us. But we couldn’t figure out how to get to the park because the words one the google maps I printed and the names of the streets in real life were totally different! We stopped at this little Italian place on the outskirts of Prague to get a pizza so we could eat it while Cheetah got to play a little ball. At home, if you see a refrigerator with drinks in it, then you are supposed to take one out and take it up to the counter to pay for it. Well that is apparently NOT the case here. We made a taboo move of self serving our bottled drinks and I thought they were going to have a heart-attack! At first I thought they were just strange, but later noticed similar control freak like soda guarding at other restaurants. At least they were able to point us in the right direction to the park. Again more testicles on free ranging dogs than you can shake a stick at! Surprisingly, there was no reactivity, and pretty decent recalls. I am also convinced that the Czech have a genetically advanced whistling gene that I am jealous of! After a romp in the park and a mediocre pizza, it’s off to find Liberec!

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