Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday - Leaving Liberec…back to Prague!

Cheetah helping me finish my coffee...pre scolding.

We checked out of the hotel and went to breakfast. I had Cheetah with me and she wanted my coffee cup when I was finished as she always does. I let her lick it and the same waitress that ignored us the entire morning obviously caught my infraction from inside the restaurant because she comes out looks at the cup and points at it and then Cheetah –then says “No” and shakes her head. I think I was just scolded in Czech!

We head back to Prague with really knowing if we know how to get back but we figured there should be more signs to then Liberec. We get on the right track after a little detour, then things go well. We are trying to decide whether or not to stay at the hotel we have booked ( back in middle of Prague) or if we should get a room at the airport and turn our car in a day earlier. We find the signs to the airport to be pretty clear – we like pictures!! So we head into the airport, test drive the rental car turn in spot then go to the Marriot across from the terminal and loiter while we figure out what to do next. We called the people and they call the other hotel (Desnia) which of course says that they will not refund our money. It is $59, our car was $42/day so saving that almost paid for it. The Marriot quoted 174, that wasn’t going to happen, but the Holiday Inn down the road ( still within the airport) was only $109/night so we decided to do that and take the bus into Prague to finish our sight seeing. We left Cheetah in the room to rest since she was quite unimpressed with public transportation system the first time.

This is where we ate lunch before going to the Castle

In Prague, we ate lunch at this little outdoor place then got to see Prague Castle, after climbing many, many steps. We saw this really cool Cathedral and a tranquil garden. We then headed toward the Sqaure to get a horse carriage tour of the city. I was very neat and took us to the part of town that we had not even begun to explore. It did show us the closest way to get back to the metro station to get home after we picked up a couple of souvenirs. We made back to the hotel with out a problem and went to bed so we could get up at 4:00am.

here is the driver of the carriage ride - using her cell phone!

Toni on the steps on the way up to Prague Castle...this is just part of them!

A view from the top of the over look of Prague Castle.

This is a little street we went down on the way to the Castle

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